Passionate about abstract art.

When I paint, I usually enter a specific, altered state of mind – it happens often that I don’t remember how exactly I did some of my works and I cannot repeat them.

I love mysteries and hidden meanings… I look for the diverse, the extraordinary and transfer that passion within my works. Each of them contains a part of my worldview and there are always messages, even if they are not deliberately sought by me. Sometimes they are just words embedded in a little chaos and sometimes they are intertwined among the thoughts and emotions that I wish to convey. When I’m in special mood, I love to create paintings which help people deal with certain emotions, fears or complex life situations.

Once completed, the paintings begin to have a live on their own. They speak, cure and soothe, when they resonate with the person observing them. Through the picture, I set a base template, and the full presentation is completed within the viewer’s soul.  Also, communing with the same painting, each and every one creates a slightly different story. Those stories enrich me too – they are often unique and may be completely different from what was originally laid out. Life is a mystery.

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